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Are you on your authentic path or have you ignored your true soul’s calling? Shine – Discover Your Life Purpose – 7-day eCourse will guide you in discovering your Essential Self, innate gifts, inner authentic desires and so much more! Read full details and buy here.

Beautiful Body 7-day Detox eCourse

The Beautiful Body Online Detox Program is a 7-day physical make-over from the convenience of your own home! In as little as 30-40 minutes per day you’ll get in touch with your body, learn about your inner organs of detoxification, engage in self-care practices like daily meditation and yoga practice, and support your body-mind-spirit in a gentle cleanse. Read full details and buy here.

Life Aphrodisiac

Dare to create a life that excites you! The Life Aphrodisiac eCourse will invite you to Shamelessly explore who you are, what you want, and how to co-create with an abundant universe. Through a playful week-by-week manifestation process, you’ll bring your heart’s desires into reality through a unique blend of yoga, meditation, explorative lectures, and manifestation exercises. Read full details and buy here.

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