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Episode #6: Who are you today?

Magical forces often arise in our favor when we truly hit rock-bottom – when we finally surrender. That was the case for Katie Vessel – writer and holistic health guide. During this episode she’ll share her perspective on relationships, the... read more

Episode #5: You’ve got options!

“Stories are called stories because they’re usually not true.” ~Mary Petschen What’s your story? We all have one – and whether good or bad – they can limit our experience of life. But the good news is, our stories can change. Want... read more

Episode #3: Shake that shit up!

Luminate Speakeasy Podcast Episode #3 is live! Sometimes life becomes stagnant. Your job isn’t right. Your home isn’t right. Your life is simple off. That’s when you need to shake things up and be like a snow globe… at least according to Julie... read more

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