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You get to be scared…

Fear. It's allowed. Insecurity. It's ok to feel it. Unworthiness. Yes. it can be here, too. The invitation....? Rise. Meet it all. Love it all. Accept it all. See it all. Feel it all. I promise you'll survive. You may not always feel it - but you are loved. Through...

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What true pussy power is…

Greetings beautiful being, This is an invitation to slow down. To enter the temple of your body. To feel. To reclaim her. Join me beginning February 16th for my new women-only class series - Reclaim the Power in Your Pelvis. Because the truth is - when you fully...

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Post Election Love Note

Hello dear light ones, I did not stay awake to hear the election outcome on Tuesday night - but I awoke at 2am to our new, collective reality. I felt waves of grief, fear, confusion, shock and overwhelm flowing through my being. Lying in the dark alone, I breathed in...

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