Hi! I’m Amy Patee

I’m so glad you’ve found your way here.

I hope our time together nurtures you, helps you feel more at peace, more at home, more relaxed inside yourself.

After years of seeking, exploring, discovering, learning, healing, growing, becoming, remembering… I consider myself a powerful space holder for YOU

…to come home to yourself – to your body, your heart, this moment. For you to fully arrive here on earth as the magnificent being that you are. Ready and able to share your unique, divine gifts with the world. Capable of experiencing true happiness, love and ecstatic aliveness of being an awakened human being.

I believe in you and, I’m so grateful you are here.

There are many ways we can connect and work together…

Practice with me online from anywhere via YouTube. I upload weekly yoga practices and meditations that will support your well-being in every way. I also offer live yoga classes in Minneapolis, Minnesota and a yearly international yoga retreat. It would be my honor to guide you online or in-person.

Need a little inspiration? Check out my blog, podcast and my online shop for eCourses, products and private sessions that all aim to help you activate your true self, access your potential and manifest your most desired life.

If you want to stay connected, join me via my social media channels: FacebookInstagram and YouTube. You can also sign up for my monthly newsletter to receive updates from me (including new yoga video releases, events and more) directly to your email inbox.

I’m excited to connect with You.

In light, Amy
P.S. Feel free to drop me a line at shine@amypatee.com and say hi!

Short bio—Amy Patee is a yoga teacher, life inspirationist, beauty-amplifier, and entrepreneur. Fully committed to leaving a positive imprint on the planet she shares her light by teaching empowering yoga classes – in person and online, workshops and eCourses, leading exotic retreats, hosting illuminating podcasts, blogging and playing as much as possible.

Professional Credentials—I’m a naturally gifted intuitive and have been self-employed in the healing-arts field for 16+ years. I’m certified in and/or have in-depth experience with: Yoga (twice certified: Mount Madonna + Donna Farhi), Global Somatics, Aspects Energy Work, Reiki, Thai Yoga Massage, Vipassana Meditation, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Massage Therapy, Continuum Movement, Body-Mind Centering, Trager, Five Rhythms Dance, UTUE Energy Clearing, Presence Practice with Leonard Jacobson, Somatic Experiencing Therapy, and many other body-mind modalities that afford me a comprehensive perspective on healing, self-development and self-mastery. I am also the co-founder of the Minneapolis Yoga Conference.

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