Welcome woman of light!

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You are here and I’m so grateful we have crossed paths. I believe we share some similarities…

We live the deepest life questions: Who am I? What is my truth? What are my heart’s authentic desires? What is my purpose for being here?

We want to remember our innocent nature. We want to embody the light of our Soul. To free ourselves from the shackles we wear.

We want to Shine.

Authentically. Courageously. Powerfully. And, generously.

This is our birthright. But we must choose it.

My intention is to create and share valuable tools and inspiration for those ready to step into their light and express it fully in the world.

Are you ready to be radically You?

Join me…

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Thank you for being here.

May you simply be YOU—in all your glory—as a gift to the world. Feel free to drop me a line at shine@amypatee.com, ask me a question, make a connection…

In light, Amy

Short bio—Amy Patee is a yoga teacher, life inspirationist, beauty-amplifier, and entrepreneur. Fully committed to leaving a positive imprint on the planet she shares her light by teaching empowering yoga classes, workshops and eCourses, leading exotic retreats, hosting illuminating podcasts, blogging and playing as much as possible.

Professional Credentials—I’m a naturally gifted intuitive and have been self-employed in the healing-arts field for 16+ years. I’m certified in and/or have in-depth experience with: Yoga (twice certified: Mount Madonna + Donna Farhi), Global Somatics, Aspects Energy Work, Reiki, Thai Yoga Massage, Vipassana Meditation, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Massage Therapy, Continuum Movement, Body-Mind Centering, Trager, Five Rhythms Dance, UTUE Energy Clearing, Presence Practice with Leonard Jacobson, Somatic Experiencing Therapy, and many other body-mind modalities that afford me a comprehensive perspective on healing, self-development and self-mastery. I am also the founder of the Minneapolis Yoga Conference.

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Hear my story. Live and raw! Listen to track #28. Click the image below to tune-in.

I was featured on Good News with Michelle Ploog! We chatted about creating your best year ever and sticking to New Year’s resolutions.

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