Look around your life.

Who’s in it?

Who are the main players.

Who have you let into your inner sanctum?

And of those people – who respect it (you)?

And who walks through with muddy shoes on?

I have a feeling if you are reading this, you bring a lot of value to your relationships.

You understand each relationship is like a delicate seed.

Together, you water and fertilize your seed so it can grow into a healthy, robust entity.

You lay the bones by speaking your truth to each other, giving and receiving, seeing each other, hearing each other, feeling each other, and yes, triggering each other, calling each other on your shit, forgiving each other, and most importantly, accepting each other’s humanness…

Relationships are goldmines.

Extremely precious.

When two people come together there is potential for greatness. And also for detriment.

If you value yourself. If you know your worth. You will uplift each other. Even through the mess, the ugliness, the hard times.

If you don’t value yourself, value each other, value the entity you create together… you will be poisoned by the relationship. It will bring you down, down, down. You will spin in Karma, old patterns…instead of breaking free from them and healing.

Do your relationships heal you? Look closely. If you are triggered by them – engage, dig in, look at yourself, your inner self… see clearly, ask for help (from your angels) and allow the clarity to stream in.

Resolve and/or release. You choose.

Every relationship is a goldmine.

The goldmine may be tapped upon release, upon leaving it behind.

It may be drawn upon by sticking with it.

You choose.

May you value every person you meet and choose wisely who to let “in”.


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