Imagine yourself standing before the sacred doorway to your heart – your breastbone.

You reach out to open the door.

As soon as you touch it your energy lights up.

You pause.

You are experiencing pure love.

It’s a remembrance. A healing.

You stand there, before the sacred doorway to your heart, and just marinate in the pure love pulsating through your body.

It takes you over.

It brings you to tears.

It cleanses you and provides a deep sense of solace.

You feel held – every single cell of your being – completely loved and supported.

You sit down outside the sacred doorway to your heart.

You receive.

This moment can’t be rushed.

Being Love can’t be rushed.

Nothing to do, nowhere to go.

You must simply sit still. Breathe. Feel. Soak up the vibe. Receive the love…

You can’t feel this when you are rushing through life.

Stop rushing.

Stop pushing.

Stop doing – for at least a little bit.

Everyday take time to sit at the sacred doorway to your heart.

The invitation to enter is coming.

I promise.

The invitation to live purely from your heart is almost here.

But in the meantime, marinate your sweet self.

Sit in stillness outside the sacred doorway to your heart.

Fill yourself up.


Your new home is almost ready.

Love, Amy


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