Hello Beauty,

You know those deep, deep desires you have?

The ones you inevitably reflect upon this time of year.

The ones you might be a little scared to speak out loud.

The ones that sometimes make you feel sad because you’re not sure they will ever be fulfilled in this life – yet you long for them like nothing else.

Yeah those.

These desires are the ones you must lean into more than ever this year.

You have them for a reason.

They provide your human self a map to your Soul’s requested earth journey. They act like guideposts for you to find your way back to divinity – in human form. They reveal to you what you are truly capable of experiencing here on earth. And, when manifest they reflect back to you your inherent self-worth, bliss and ever-expanding consciousness potential.

That’s a lot! But there’s more.

Every inner desire you own and choose to honor by going after it is not just for you. It’s your contribution to humanity.

That’s because you are a wayshower.

When you do the inner work to bring about outer, soul-centered transformation in your life your core energetic blueprint changes.

This personal blueprint is connected to the energetic blueprint of the entire planet.

This means you make it possible for all of humanity to have what you have. You actually make it easier for others to receive into their lives what you’ve worked diligently to bring about.

So, do you want to be rich? Go for it! I think it would be awesome for more people on the planet to have an easier time getting their hands on the cash they need to support a healthy, joyful lifestyle.

Do you want to meet your soul-mate? Amazing! Imagine what the world vibe would be like if everyone was in a supportive, loving, healthy and happy partnership?

Are you ready to do work that lights you up and leave the job that drains you? Wonderful! I think a world where everyone is doing work they love and are naturally gifted at would be like heaven on earth.

Are you getting the idea here?

Sometimes we feel bad for wanting and getting more out of our lives. Especially when those around us are living in lack. We feel like our expansion or us getting what we really desire is selfish or will create divide between us and our family and/or friends.

But the truth is, you are a wayshower.

When you receive what you want – you energetically and physically show others what they are capable of having too.

You are not selfish for wanting more. You are not greedy for wanting more. You are not bad for wanting to live the really, really good life.

You are simply saying yes to what your divine self knows it deserves.

Commit to being a wayshower. Remember what you accept into your reality is a gift for all.

Happy 2017!

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