Happy almost 2017!

I’m pretty sure we are all in agreement – 2016 has been one heck of a year!

If I had to choose one take-away transformation for me it would be the embodiment of the Divine Feminine.

I know, that’s a bit woo-woo, right?

Let me briefly explain.

Regardless of our external gender – we all have masculine and feminine energy inside of us. In the US and all over the world, masculine energy dominates. It’s been given more value over its counterpart – the feminine. Unfortunately, this has created massive imbalance on the entire planet. And, massive imbalance in me. Maybe you, too.

Whether we know it or not we are on a mission to remember our wholeness. This means embodying the parts of us that are direct, action-oriented, thoughtful and strategic (masculine). It also means embodying the parts of us that are fluid, emotional, intuitive and receptive (feminine). To be whole we must understand that both internal energies offer value and play an integral part in our fullest expression as a human being.

…So, on a forever quest to remember my wholeness, I discovered the divine feminine safely hidden deep inside of me this past year. Protected by my strong, developed, masculine energy – she’s been kept under wraps.

But sometime around my 39th birthday last January I began to feel a longing for her. A intuitive hunch that I was only half-living. A sense that it was time to resolve my internal imbalance of masculine and feminine energy and let her come out to play.

Interestingly, it’s happening all over the planet as well. Collectively we are experiencing this *shift* – this remembering of our wholeness – together.

As I recalibrate my inner self, a softer, receptive, more sensual side of me is emerging.

This side of me takes her time and doesn’t push things to happen.

This side of me gets to experience pleasure and play.

This side of me is fluid and knows how to go with the flow.

This side of me is radiant.

This side of me is divinely feminine.

Are you feeling the *shift*? Is your feminine self ready to reveal herself? Is she longing to come out?

If so, I’m developing a special group coaching program: Female Reclamation. It feels essential for me to share what I’ve been downloading and integrating with other women waking up to their Divine Feminine self! Click here to get on the wait list – you’ll be first to know when details are released.

Additionally, to support you in transitioning from 2016 to 2017 with ease, grace and joy I’m offering lots of special workshops and series. Read about them here.

May your inner light burn ever brighter.

In warmth,

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