I want to offer you a challenge.

Everyday for a whole week engage in a 15 minute self-care/self-love activity.

No, taking a shower doesn’t count. Anything you “normally” do doesn’t count.

Here are some possibilities:
Sit and meditate
Give yourself a massage before bed using your favorite oil or lotion
Take a walk in nature and don’t bring your phone
Put on a romantic song, put a mask on your face and lie back and relax
Schedule a pedicure, facial, or massage
Take a yoga or dance class

Anything goes as long as it’s exclusively for YOU and something that is not part of your normal routine.

Each time you give to yourself in this way you are telling the Universe that you deserve attention, love, care, pleasure, time, and energy.

You are telling the Universe that you matter.

By giving to yourself just as you give to so many other people and projects in your life you affirm you are important.

Then, watch what happens in your life.

Watch how people treat you a little differently.

Notice how abundance, in all of its unique forms, starts to flow to you with greater ease.

Self-care and self-love rituals underlie your ability to receive.

What are you desiring right now? What do you feel hungry for? What are you angry about not having in your life? What feels hard to get?

Commit to 15 minutes of self-care and self-love daily as a way of inviting your desires into your life.

Start today.

You are a Goddess. Treat yourself as such.

And… all is coming.

In light,

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