Hello dear light ones,

I did not stay awake to hear the election outcome on Tuesday night – but I awoke at 2am to our new, collective reality.

I felt waves of grief, fear, confusion, shock and overwhelm flowing through my being.

Lying in the dark alone, I breathed in and out and felt it all. Eventually I fell back into a restless sleep.

When morning arrived I was surprised by my state of being. I felt fierce. I felt powerful. I felt determined. I felt focused. I felt protective of my fellow human beings. I felt alive and with purpose.

A fire was lit inside of me.

My inner light warrior was awakened.

Without doubt I knew – no one – not Donald Trump, not our broken political system – could take away my sovereignty.

No one, nothing – could steal my worth, my peace, my joy, my power, my right to be here, my voice, my truth, my ability to love…

I am a free-agent.

My state of being is determined by me.

I will not give anyone the power to make me feel less than, powerless, unworthy.

And you shouldn’t either.

Be fierce. Stand in your power. Cultivate compassion. See the truth. Do things and surround yourself with people who help you maintain a high vibration.

My yoga classes are a safe, nurturing space to come as you are. All are welcome. Come and cry. Come and laugh. Come and feel your rage. Come and release your shock and return fully to your body – your divine home. Come and connect in kindness with others. I won’t be discussing politics. Instead, I’ll be sharing the fierce, empowered, loving, high vibe that I am committed to embodying.

Please join me at One Yoga Studio:
Mondays 4:30pm Vinyasa
Tuesdays 9am Vinyasa
Wednesdays 4pm Vinyasa
Wednesdays 5:30pm Vinyasa (at Wedge Table – FREE)
Fridays 2pm Hatha
Fridays 4pm Vinyasa
Saturday 10:30am Vinyasa

Let life catalyze you into YOUR greatness.

In light and love,

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