Let yourself fall gently into the change of seasons.

Embrace the dark.

Turn inward with the earth.

But please, please – go gently.

Let grace carry you.

Let it wrap you up in warmth and comfort.

And then let it hold you closely, tightly, as you navigate the sub-terrain of you.

Use these practices to traverse fall to winter to spring….

1. Build an altar in honor of your inner light and to act as a place holder where you meet daily with your angels, spirit guides, ancestors, God, Goddess and any other energetic support you believe in.

2. Place a candle on your altar and anything else meaningful to you (sage, incense, palo santo, meditation chimes, oracle cards, gemstones, images, words, etc.)

3. Create a daily ritual of sitting by your altar.
When you sit take a moment to just be. Close your eyes, breathe, relax your body and invoke alignment with your highest, divine self. Then, call in and say hello to your spirit guides. Sit with them. Receive their energy, their wisdom, their messages. Receive yourself, your inner light, as well.

If you are sensitive to energy, to the change of seasons, this daily ritual will keep you connected to the light within all winter long.

The outer darkness can feel overwhelming at times throughout this time of year, especially as the cold settles in and the sun shines less. But our inner light never diminishes. Tend to it daily. Let it will guide with grace through the dark.

You owe it to yourself to tend your inner light.

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