Hi all!

I recently had the pleasure of spending a weekend at the Trade River Retreat Center with two girlfriends of mine.

Our intention was to spend our time together working on our individual business visions.

Sometimes you just need to get away from the daily grind so your mind can expand and you can see things with greater clarity.

No city noise. No messes in my apartment to clean up. No classes to teach or clients to see. No easy options to go to a movie, a coffee shop, a restaurant…

No distractions.

We walked in nature, practiced yoga, meditated, did yoga nidra, cooked, journaled, shared in some business-focused energy clearing, listened to music and slept.

It totally inspired me.

I returned from that weekend filled up. In the couple of weeks following I’ve been downloading the goodness – the new ideas, the clarity, the vision of what’s next for me in my business.

During the weekend away I actually felt a vagueness about it all. The fruits were harvested post-retreat. That’s how it often happens.

Do you feel distracted? There’s all kinds of ways to clean up your work environment or change your patterns and habits so you can become more focused. But sometimes you just need to get away.

If you are an entrepreneur…

1. Take a look right now at your schedule.

2. Choose a day, a weekend or even a week for a business retreat.

3. If you’d like the support, ask a couple of your peers to go with you. It will save you lodging fees and the collective energy can help you go deeper).

4. Schedule it.

5. Look forward to it.

Your business deserves your full attention once in a while. Free yourself from the day-to-day distractions of life and get away! Take a retreat and re-inspire your entrepreneurial vision.

In light,


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