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Join me for a week-long journey to the HEART of YOU! Dive in, connect to your heart, tap it’s wisdom and abundance of free-flowing authentic love and feed yourself with it’s magic!

Self-love IS the answer to…

Your self-doubt. Your anxiety. Your grief. Your anger. Your body-image issues. Your relationship troubles. Your money hardships. Your career woes. Your worries. Your addictions. Your incessant negative thoughts. Your deepest fears. Your disconnect from your true Self…

This week long journey includes:

•7 themed yoga practices that will help you experience authentic self-love
•10-60 minute long sessions – easy to fit into your daily schedule
•Delivered straight to your email inbox each day so you won’t miss a (heart) beat on this special journey together
•Extra encouragement and practical tips in each email to keep you feeling inspired and motivated to love thyself!

Self-love heals…

First ourselves. Then everyone else.

Hate can’t survive inside of us when we embody Love.
We are a microcosm of the macrocosm.
Change your inner chemistry — change your outer world.
It’s the law of physics.

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