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The hard, cold reality of being human – life will be very trying at times.

Someone you deeply love will die, or go away.

You’ll lose your job or all of your money.

You’ll get very, very sick.

Everything in front of you will feel wrong.

Everything inside of you will feel off.

Simply put, life will not seem to be working in your favor.

New Age Spirituality advertises “being in the flow” as a sign of self and life mastery.

Everything lines up… you have the perfect lover, job, home, bank account amount and you feel AMAZING pretty much all of the time.

And, you are “good”.

The flip side though is that if you feel horrible and your life is in shambles you are not in the flow and therefore “bad”.

You’ve done something terribly wrong.

You need healing and fixing.

Your shadow is lurking its head.

You’ve got karma or debts to pay.

Dang! We are not meant to take life so personally.

We are not meant to judge our circumstances so critically.

The truth is, real flow has highs and lows.

We are in the flow when our life falls apart.

We are in the flow when our life comes together “perfectly”.

And, we are always innocent with good and bad tendencies regardless of how life happens to be occurring in the moment.

We can never not be in the flow of the Universe. We simply aren’t that powerful.

There is no self mastery to be had because life will never stop surprising you. Ever.

So, wake up in the morning and meet yourself just as you are.

Greet the day just as it is.

Say Thank You for how the world is showing up for you.

Thank yourself for how you are showing up for the world.

Live a little more fully in the Mystery of it all.

And, love, love, love…

May you ride all the waves of life with deep, deep gratitude and presence.


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