Hello Light One!

I received a blessing while in Costa Rica.

My pelvis opened.

Softly, gently.

It was coaxed into deep surrender by the lull of the waves, the soft sand, the sun’s warmth, the pura vida…

The release began with my belly.

Within the first few days of arriving in Nosara I noticed my belly was holding tight. I would take a deep breath, release it and then it would recoil right back in.

Release. Contract. Soften. Pull in. Let go. Hold on.

This continued for a few days.

Then something shifted. My belly relaxed and stayed relaxed. That’s when I truly started to receive the medicine of Costa Rica.

With my belly no longer holding on tightly I was able to truly settle into my pelvis – my home base.

Sensuality. Pleasure. Ease. Fluidity. Playfulness. Sexuality. Libido. Creativity. Presence. Support. Groundedness. Embodiment…

I started to slow way down.

My pelvis was turned on and allowed to feel it all.

I didn’t know what I had been missing.

I was home. Home inside my body.

I realized home is designed to be a pleasurable experience.

While I’m no longer in Costa Rica waking up to the call of the Howler Monkeys – my pelvis remains open.

Could your pelvis use a little coaxing open to the sweetness within?

Join me for my upcoming 6-week series for women only: Reclaim the Power in Your Pelvis.

During this six week journey we’ll be traversing through the layers of the female pelvis from the dense physical structures to the more subtle aspects of elemental energy – water and chakra energy. By doing so you’ll begin to remember and reclaim all the power, creativity, pleasure, libido, playfulness and feminine prowess that is your birthright.

Each class will be unique and may include: anatomy study, lecture, sharing, somatic practices, ritual and of course yoga!

Grab your spot now. It begins Thursday March 2nd, 5:30pm.

Can make it on Thursday nights? Check out my new Female Reclamation monthly workshops.

And, in honor of February being the month of LOVE, Carla Gesell and I are joining forces again to guide you in an evening of crushing on your very own self!

Join us… Be Your Own Valentine will include a gentle yoga practice, opportunity to connect with other women in circle, and a healing meditation and visualization that will leave you feeling the love. All women welcome. No yoga experience required. Happy, angry, sad, broken… all hearts invited… heal, fill up, remember. Sign up here.

May you feel truly at home and at ease in your body.
In light and love,

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Dive in, connect to your heart, tap it’s wisdom and abundance of free-flowing authentic love and feed yourself with it’s magic!

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Thank you for joining the journey!

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